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Scientists Stop the Aging Process

Scientists Stop the Aging Process
Clean Bill of Health: Scientists have shown that clearing damaged protein from the liver helps stop age decline in the organ.

How Proteins Find the Right DNA Sequences

How Proteins Find the Right DNA Sequences
DNA: Selective Binding Proteins

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Truth about Soy Products

So much misinformation has circled around various soy products for so many years. No wonder people are confused. We'll try to get it straightened out. After all there is only one truth and the rest is BS.

Soy Isolate: This is the most common protein powder found on shelves of your typical Health Food Store, can also be found in Supermarkets as well. It has a good 90% protein content. It also has many nutritional benefits such as isoflavones and lacks such nasty things as fat and carbohydrates! It is also very cheap and being imported from china.

Now for the bad news. Soy isolate is a waste leftover after the oil is extracted from the bean. Extreme heat is used is this process, leaving the product in a probable "heat shocked" state, resulting in a toxin called furan, which is under the watch of the FDA. Soy isolate is used in so many different processed foods as an additive. There is plenty of this stuff around, yet many believe it can cause various health problems. Hogs are the only animal able to stomach the stuff in their diet. Most always the taste needs to be covered up with flavorings and sugar.

Soy Concentrate: (MOTHER SOY) Is made from the whole bean with a minimal amount of processing. There is very little heat involved, thereby remaining as raw as possible, allowing the enzymes to stay alive. No flavorings or sugar are necessary because it has no taste. Loaded with healthy fiber, it can be used in cooking as well. Soy Beans are one the few complete protein sources for Vegans containing all 22 amino acids. According to wiki soy concentrate is easily digestible and well-suited for children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly. Daily consumption is needed to obtain full health benefits.

Soy Concentrate also contain the following nutrients which will be examined in a future blog:
Alpha GPC
Isoflavones (Daidzein & Genistein)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Youthing is hereannow!

Telomerase the "Human Youth Enzyme" present in only some of our cells can be activated or simulated by "Natural Nutritional Properties" thereby restoring length to our Telomeres resulting in the "resetting of our molecular clock". I believe that Humans & Animals are capable of slowing, stopping or even reversing the aging process. Could it be, that the bible is correct as to Methuselah living for over 900 years.

Sometime in 03' I found on Geron's website the following explanation of how we age inside our bodies. Having the experience of "Youthing" at the time, somehow I knew the meaning lies within these words.

Telomerase: Role in Cellular Aging

Cells are the building blocks for all tissues in the human body, and cell division plays a critical role in the normal growth, maintenance of human tissue. However, in the human body, cell is a limited process. Depending on the tissue type , cells generally divide only 60 to 100 times during the course of their normal lifespan.

We and our collaborators have shown that telomeres, located at the ends of chromosomes, are key genetic elements involved in regulation of the cellular aging process. Telomeres protect chromosomes from degradation and fusion. Each time a normal cell divides, telomeres shorten. Once telomeres reach a certain short length, cell division halts and the cell enters a state known as senescence or aging.

Our collaborators have used mouse models to show that this type of cellular aging can cause numerous age-related degenerative changes in mammals. We believe that this cellular aging process, which occurs in numerous tissues throughout the human body, causes or contributes to chronic degenerative diseases and conditions including chronic liver disease, Aids, macular degeneration, atherosclerosis and impaired wound healing.

Telomeres serve as a molecular "clock" for cellular aging. We and our collaborators have demonstrated that the enzyme Telomerase, when introduced to normal cells, is capable of restoring telomere length or resetting the "clock" thereby increasing the lifespan of cells without altering their normal function or causing them to become cancerous. Human Telomerase, a COMPLEX ENZYME, is composed of a ribonucleic acid component (RNA), known as hTR, and a PROTEIN COMPONENT, known as hTERT. In collaboration with other scientists, we cloned the cloned the gene for hTR in 1994 and the gene for hTERT in 1997.

Telomerase the (Human Youth Enzyme) is not expressed in most normal cells. This could be an enzyme somewhat dormant just waiting to be activated. Our physical and mental behavior therein lies the key to "resetting our molecular clock."

Starting with the Perfect Protein, I believe that I stumbled onto the combination of the two most powerful Superfoods on the planet.

Mother Soy Protein serves as the PROTEIN COMPONENT (base or the center) of the Telomerase. The complex enzyme component is comparable to the BEE COMPLEX- Royal Jelly-Bee Pollen are known to have RNA & DNA factors, COMBINED they become similar to the Human Youth Enzyme "Telomerase" which if permeated throughout the body as vessels of life, they improve our conditions in almost a total sense. Or by simply activating the "Telomerase" itself. The body is capable of experiencing Oneness within ourselves and with the whole planet. Of course there are many variables that need to be considered. However one might get started building a healthy protein base, "Building Blocks", then gradually increase the Bee components.

Some scientists are using the the word immortal with regards to cancer cells. Well if cancer cells can, then why not healthy cells? This goes right into the survival of the fittest and eternity. God has been thought to be immortal, but since we come from God, are not we striving to become immortal too? Of course our time here on earth is limited, but does anyone really know the complete truth about God's plan?

Who would have ever thought that someone would find the "Fountain of Youth", and that nobody wanted it? Since 00' that's what I've experienced! Maybe this time it will be different.

Posted by James at 5:48 PM
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Equol for All

Equol for All / Youthing Equols Anti-Aging

Could Equol be that missing nutritional link in many of our diets? Studies show that only 30-50% of people produce their own Equol internally within our intestines. Part of the Isoflavone family Equol helps regulate and stimulate the production of our growth hormones. Both Men & Women have testosterone and estrogen that need to be kept in balance for optimum health. Recently on Oprah's show, Suzanne Somers indicated that her estrogen had dropped to zero before she started treatment. Promoting her BHRT therapy ( supplemental doses of steroid hormones) she has achieved remarkable Youthing affects. Mother Soy however has naturally-occurring Isoflavones, which could achieve the critical balance in a safer manner.

Researchers are excited because Equol has no side effects, unlike powerful drugs that prevent DHT (a more potent androgen than testosterone) from being made in the body. Equol is capable of selective blocking of the harmful DHT yet at the same time can bind with more friendly molecules. Could this effect lead to a more compatible relationship between Men and Women?

Many believe this will reduce "Hot Flashes" for Women while improving dry skin and helping with memory loss. Estrogen can also help protect the skeleton by stimulating the body's bone-forming cells to keep growing. Daily consumption of Mother Soy could also be a stimulate for T&A enhancement especially in younger and developing Women since hormonal balance is achieved.

Well, what about Men? We've heard those tall tales of Men growing breasts! According to the American Dietetic Association Soy consumption does not cause feminization in Men or effect sexual function! Muscle development however is achieved by protein and live enzymes when taken before workouts.

On the plus side men can benefit from the blocking of DHT and other evil molecules that cause Male Pattern Baldness, Prostate Problems (which does not help the sex life guys!) and Acne. For guys under 40 (2-3) Mother Soy Smoothies a week should put them in the sweet zone with their girls. Older guys daily consumption is recommended in order to obtain maximum benefit. Anything less, then you will not achieve ultimate results.

Recently released Preliminary study lead by U of Wisconsin & Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute show favorable results of Soy Isoflavones supplements in older Men and Women with daily consumption. Subjects received 100 mg/day of soy isolate tablets without any side affects. Results were favorable with improvement in many areas of memory. Imagine the results Mother Soy could have achieved since soy isolate is a waste product after soy oil is extracted. They are continuing the study to include Alzheimer's patients now.

Most of the research credits go to Kenneth D. Setchell, PhD currently a Professor at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. He has achieved numerous awards including one from the North American Menopause Society in 2000. He has also written 18 publications almost all on Soy to date. During a very brief phone conversation he indicated that his discovery of Equol was during the 80's . According to the research trail the report was released in 04'.

It's amazing to me how this information has been continually distorted throughout the years. Of course there's a huge difference between soy isolate (stacked on health food store shelves) and Soy Concentrate ( MOTHER SOY ) which will be discussed in an upcoming blog.

For now it's real easy to SEE the DIFFERENCE on WIKI.


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Note: furan a toxin in soy isolate (from over processing)

Note: Soy Concentrate very digestible, they are well-suited for children, pregnant and lacating woman, and the elderly.

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