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Scientists Stop the Aging Process

Scientists Stop the Aging Process
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How Proteins Find the Right DNA Sequences

How Proteins Find the Right DNA Sequences
DNA: Selective Binding Proteins

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Truth about Soy Products

So much misinformation has circled around various soy products for so many years. No wonder people are confused. We'll try to get it straightened out. After all there is only one truth and the rest is BS.

Soy Isolate: This is the most common protein powder found on shelves of your typical Health Food Store, can also be found in Supermarkets as well. It has a good 90% protein content. It also has many nutritional benefits such as isoflavones and lacks such nasty things as fat and carbohydrates! It is also very cheap and being imported from china.

Now for the bad news. Soy isolate is a waste leftover after the oil is extracted from the bean. Extreme heat is used is this process, leaving the product in a probable "heat shocked" state, resulting in a toxin called furan, which is under the watch of the FDA. Soy isolate is used in so many different processed foods as an additive. There is plenty of this stuff around, yet many believe it can cause various health problems. Hogs are the only animal able to stomach the stuff in their diet. Most always the taste needs to be covered up with flavorings and sugar.

Soy Concentrate: (MOTHER SOY) Is made from the whole bean with a minimal amount of processing. There is very little heat involved, thereby remaining as raw as possible, allowing the enzymes to stay alive. No flavorings or sugar are necessary because it has no taste. Loaded with healthy fiber, it can be used in cooking as well. Soy Beans are one the few complete protein sources for Vegans containing all 22 amino acids. According to wiki soy concentrate is easily digestible and well-suited for children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly. Daily consumption is needed to obtain full health benefits.

Soy Concentrate also contain the following nutrients which will be examined in a future blog:
Alpha GPC
Isoflavones (Daidzein & Genistein)

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